About the title

Do you like horror games that twist your brain entirely? Then psychological ones are exactly for you. The game called Phasmophobia is one of the best genre representatives. Here you will find yourself in a company of three other players and the task is to cooperate and act together to investigate spooky paranormal activity. Your team of curious and courageous researchers will get into different locations inhabited by spirits and ghosts. The paranormal activity is pretty frightening and as always – it is ambivalent. People don’t always believe in spirits – most of us prefer to think that “that was just the wind”. However, sometimes, these creatures don’t leave you chance and you just have to admit – there is something truly hellish and dangerous in the room. The task of your group is to track paranormal activity and gather evidence that it there are ghosts here. To do that successfully, you will have to apply your special tools and equipment. Mostly, you will record the strange sounds and voices that should be handed to the ghost-eliminating squad and these guys will take of the clearing mission.
Not only you have recorders that fixate sounds and voices, but also advanced CCTV cameras that track motion. There are also sensors that recognize ghost-like activity. You will need these instruments hardly – not only they will help you to complete the tasks, but also save you from the dangerous spirits that will become curious about you. Then they will be more and more hostile, trying to get you and hurt you. As the time goes on, your enemies will become interested in you until they murder you and your entire team, so be very careful and attentive. The game has realistic visuals as well as sound effects, so play in your headphones and you will enjoy the sense of presence a lot. Total immersive effect will make you alarmed all the time while you play, so get ready for a real scare. What is more, to make your playing session even more impressive, you can try the VR version of the game – this will definitely come to your liking if you are a real fan of the horror genre.
The game is all about your collective actions, so you and your three buddies have to find the way to arrange your teamwork. The better you cooperate and delegate tasks to each other, the more chances you have to reach success and survive. Not only you will have to find and record the ghosts, but also stay sane and alive after such an adventure. There more than ten various ghosts to meet and each of these hellish creatures has its own appearance and traits. This means that every time you come across a new spirit, your approaches and investigation methods should be different. Invent the best way to tackle every ghost you find.