Phasmophobia 2

About the title

Ghosts are back! Are you ready to meet them one more time? Then enter the game now – this is the second part of famous Phasmophobia, a cool game about paranormal activity. As before, you will become a member of the investigation squad. Your task is to enter the house potentially haunted. You need to find out if the ghosts really live there and then investigate their behavior and find out which ghost is that. The second chapter is trickier than the first one, so prepare for a spooky adventure.
This time, you will meet more ghosts than before. Previously, there were about 10 different types of these creatures and now the developers added new species. This means that you will have to study them and find out how to deal with them. The brand new features are inspiring – not only you will have a chance to play the VR version of the game, which means that you are going to meet the scary guys face to face like in the real world, but also you are going to talk to them in the live chat. Yes, the ghosts controlled by AI will talk to you and you will find out more about them! Sounds really great and scary, right?
What is more, the ghosts become more active and hostile than they were previously. Now they are more likely to attack you. It seems like they are not very happy about your interruption and would like to stay where they are. They feel that you are here for a reason and they know that you are an alien to them. Ghosts really hate alive people, so they are going to terrorize you heavily. Track the health of your characters and pay special attention to their mental state – they can go crazy! Enjoy the continuation of a real horror masterpiece and share this amazing experience with your buddies online – acting as a team is a delight here.