Ghost Hunter Simulator

About the title

Have you ever thought of becoming a paranormal activity expert? How about hunting ghosts? Well, we bet this kind of profession is something you have never tried. In this simulator, you get such an opportunity. Be ready for everything – the time for ghost hunting has come and you should show all of your courage, skills, and persistence to deal with the most mysterious and terrifying creatures from another world. So here you go – equip yourself with special tools, call your friends, and start the journey to the haunted places all over the country. The time has come to find some ghosts!
In this amazing simulator, you will control an entire team of ghost-hunters. In fact, it is much more relevant to call them investigators rather than hunters, because they don’t actually catch the spirits, but find and study them. To make the process of investigation successful and meaningful, these guys have a lump of facilities. Among the tools you have at your disposal, there are various cameras of night and day vision, trackers of the movement, and sound recording systems. Using all of these advanced tools, you can find the ghosts and what is even greater – get evidence that they really live at these places. Doing so, you will gather the right materials and bring them to the team of ghost catchers. These guys will continue the work for you, get to the buildings that are haunted and then find and eliminate the paranormal creatures. After this happens, ghosts won’t terrorize people who live nearby anymore!
The digital simulation of ghost hunting will make you absolutely excited – this is a unique simulator that encourages you to take part in a truly amazing activity. The idea is that you are here to dive into the world of mysteries and danger – be ready that the ghosts are not that simple! Not only you will have to track their behavior, but also meet them in person. The game will make you talk to these guys and even struggle with them – after some time will pass, the spirits might become angry at you and therefore – they will attack! They are not very glad to see guests like you. First of all, you bother their calm and seem dangerous. And second – the spirits of the dead hate those who are still alive and are extremely jealous. They are not calm, not entirely dead, but they are not alive as well. These creatures are extremely unusual and you are going to find out more about the way they exist. Ghosts are dangerous, but you cannot resist tracking them and discovering new facts about them.