Phasmophobia Horror

About the title

Do you believe in ghosts? How about becoming a ghost hunter? In this game, you are going to find a job of your dream (especially, if you are horror fan and like creepy stories about paranormal things). The department of paranormal investigations hires you as one of the members of their team. You and three other ghost investigators will help people who suffer from the attacks of poltergeist. They come to your unusual service and make contracts with you. As a member of investigation department, you will accept the orders and choose those you would like to undertake. Then you and three other researchers will enter the houses all around the country and do your job.
To find and discover the peculiarities of paranormal activity in a concrete house, you and your colleagues will use different equipment. This includes cameras, recorders, spiritual desks, and various amulets from the very beginning. As you complete the tasks and earn money for your work, you get an opportunity to buy yourself new and more advanced tools. This way, you will gain a nice collection of instruments that will make your work easier and more interesting. The game will make you face numerous types of ghosts and the primary task is to find out which creature lives in the house. Studying their behavior and special traits, you will know which monster is hiding there. As such, you will give this data to the hunters and they will have an idea about the problem. After you are done with investigations, the ghost catchers will visit the house and clear the ghosts out.
Be ready that the ghosts are not so peaceful. They will try to attack you when their hunting hours start. Keep that in mind and get yourself some weapons and defense to stay safe. The spirits have different habits when it comes to attacks and communication – the way they act will help you find out which creature is in front of you. There is no need to defeat them or something like that – leave this work to cleaners. Your task is to research and gather valuable information to make their work easier. Together, you will cope with all paranormal activities!