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Phasmophobia Horror Game Play Online For Free

Ghost stories are extremely popular among fans of creepy stuff. They are strange, mysterious, and very dangerous. Ghosts are used to live where the people are – they hardly remember their previous lives, but the energy of the living seems to attract them. There are numerous types of ghosts and they have their own peculiarities. As a member of an anti-ghost squad, you will have to meet them all in a marvelous game called Phasmophobia. This is a unique horror experience that allows you to feel yourself a real ghost expert and study different types of these creatures. You will have to learn how to deal with them and get ready – each type of the ghost is special. They have special traits, attacks, and signs that mark their presence. You will learn to distinguish one from another and find approaches and strategies to deal with each.

The game starts when you receive a pack of orders from people who have a real trouble – they believe that their houses are haunted and ghosts are living there. Just to let you know, not all of these requests are true – some people are assured that their houses are attacked by paranormal creatures, but in the reality they are wrong. This is your first task – to realize if the house is really haunted and get proof that it is. You and three other players will choose the orders and make your way to the houses. When the game starts, you have a basic tool kit that is not very advanced, but enough to discover the ghosts and understand which one is present in a particular building. Before you do that, the process of learning should be passed. During this session, you will read about different ghost types, find out more about their skills, strong sides, and weaknesses. As such, you will have an idea about a creature that lives there and what is more – you will learn to keep yourself safe in the process.
Working as a ghost investigator is not easy. You are always in danger, since the spirits are hostile to you. Not only they can hurt you physically, but also they can do you mental harm. Ghosts like yurei influence your psychics a lot, so be carefully to stay sane. There are twelve different types of these creatures here, including banshee, spirits, mare, shades, and more. Each is unique and leaves some non-doubtful signs of its presents, like orbs, writing, or fingertips. Your hunter kit includes different instruments for tracking and investigation, like cameras and recorders. Also, you have a pack of amulets like crosses and salt that keep the monsters on a safe distance. Act as a team and learn to deal with the ghosts smartly.