Ghost Hunting Horror Game

About the title

Some people work as managers, the others are drivers, engineers, or artists. Your job is pretty unusual and maybe the most exciting (and creepy) in the world. You are a ghost hunter, which means that you are going to deal with paranormal activity every day of your life. Well, we have uploaded one of the best ghost hunting simulators, so enter this incredible game and do your best to achieve success investigating, searching, and dealing with paranormal activity. This game is for you and a team of your buddies – together you will make a perfect anti-ghost squad and do your best to deal with the spirits from the world of the dead. Are you ready for an adventure like that? Then here you go. We present the best simulator of ghost hunting ever and you are welcome to start now.
So, the game can be called a horror with the elements of an action, where you are going to play from the first-person perspective. The amount of people in your anti-ghost team is four and each of you has your own skills and duties here. The main task is to investigate and find the creatures hiding in the dark. There are numerous locations where paranormal activity happen and you will wander around them all. Your most favorite and fruitful locations are abandoned houses and other buildings, where strange things usually happen. The idea is that you should find proof that these buildings are not empty – there are ghosts right here and you should find them. The process goes in the following way: you use your cameras and sound recorders at the places where the ghosts are supposedly living. These might be sounds, videos, and other materials that prove the presence of those creatures we don’t see that easily. The proofs will be transferred to another squad – these guys are pretty serious and brutal – they are here to defeat spirits and clear them out of here. You should provide them with clear evidence and coordinates to ensure successful ghost hunting.
The game includes 10+ different species of ghosts and they are all unique regarding the way they look and act. The problem is that you will have to deal with every ghost of another type accordingly. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for all the enemies, which means that you will develop and follow new tactics each time you appear at the location with a new spirit. Be ready that the game will scare you with thousands of screamers and put you in the extremal situations too often. Besides, you can communicate with the spirits with the help of the voice connection and special desks for spiritual sessions.