Phasmophobia Steam

About the title

Have you been looking for the smartest and most atmospheric horror game for a company of friends? We have something really special for you then! Not so long ago, Phasmophobia appeared on Steam and we are ready to present this masterpiece to all fans of the genre and those gamers who like creepy stories and mystic. This game allows you to become a real ghost professional. You will work in a company that fights with paranormal activities and your mission is to set houses free from the ghosts. You won’t be the ghost hunter, but an investigator.
The work of your company is divided into two major parts – one of the teams investigates the place where paranormal activity is happening. This is you and three other players. The second stage is clearing as it is. Before this final one starts, your team will have to find out which ghosts live in the house, how dangerous they are, how do they attack, and what are the peculiarities of their behavior. You need to gather proof that the ghosts are actually present in a house and find out more about them. The information will be transferred to the catchers and they will finish the clearing mission.
Try this version of the game we have received from Steam. Here you will have to start with education and learn everything about your future work before the first missions actually starts. Don’t be lazy to develop some skills and tactics before you enter the first room inhabited with ghosts. Very soon, you will realize that your education was not in vain – it is hard to orient yourself in the world of paranormally active creatures, when you have never tried to deal with them before. Enter the game now and enjoy the free and full version on our site. Meet the ghosts today!