About the title

Are you ready to meet the scariest and most dangerous creatures ever? These are the ghosts! And you will find numerous of them in Phasmophobia, a cool multiplayer where you and your buddies will go for a ghost hunt. Four of you are going to make a team of investigators that make their way around the old buildings and abandoned houses where paranormal activity takes place. As you may know, paranormal things are never obvious – people usually think that they don’t exist and try to find other explanations to various strange happenings. However, you and your buddies are pretty experienced in the questions of strange events, so you are here to distinguish ghosts from accidents and do your best to find them all. The cooperative work will help you complete all the tasks, from finding and tracking the ghosts, to gathering concrete evidence about their presence and activity. When you got proof, you can share it with the team of ghost catchers – they will finish the work for you and get those monsters.
The multiplayer version of the game allows four of you to play online. You are going to make a team equipped with special devices. The task is to find all the spirits that inhabit various houses that are empty at this time. You will enter the potential haunted houses and discover spirits that live there. Your search will only be effective in case you delegate tasks smartly and track them very attentively. As you know, ghosts are active at the night time, so you will need various tools that ensure the night vision. Use your tracking instruments to find out where the ghosts are. They will be pretty delicate from the very beginning and hide from you. However, with time, they will become more and more courageous, trying to attack you and behaving hostile. Be sure that you can defend yourself from the ghosts and try to stay alive. Your buddies will support you in this hard mission and all of you will have to deal with dangerous and pretty scary events. Enjoy the game and make sure that you know how to tackle your mission as a team – this is the main feature of the multiplayer version. You are one whole and should act accordingly, helping each other and working for a single aim.