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Do you want to find and study the ghosts even more efficiently than ever? Are you looking for the nice cheats to make your investigation more successful? Well, then you are at the right place. We have gathered a collection of incredible cheats for the game called Phasmophobia, one of the best horrors launched not so long ago. If you are a beginner and investigating paranormal activity is something new to you, then you should read this comprehensive guide and learn a bit before you start playing the game. These hints will help you become more efficient and complete your missions easier and with better results. So what to consider? Let’s discuss.
When the game starts, you don’t have too much cash for ammunition. This means that you have to work as a team and support each other – stay together to share the tools. When you receive money for your first successful mission, make sure to buy some equipment. First of all, you will need some light beams. You will need both – large and small beams to lighten different types of buildings. Second, EMF tools. They will help you discover the activity of the ghosts, but they are not perceived as proofs until the level raises to 5. Third, video cameras are important. They show the activity and allow you to track the moves of your enemies. Forth, get yourself a photo-camera. With its help, you can shoot the ghosts and the photos will serve as the evidence of their presence. In addition, cameras save you from the ghosts’ attack and keep them on a distance when they start hunting for you. Also, you will need a ghost book and a desk for spiritual sessions – they will help you contact the spirits. Herbs and crosses will save you from the attacks, so make sure to keep them near as well. And don’t forget to take the gas lighters. This is the beginners kit, but you will improve it with time and get yourself some more instruments later. Make sure to have this basic collection when you start the game.